Sunday, August 16, 2009

Infedilty: A sore to matrimony

Infidelity has raved marriages since time immemorial. It devastates lives and captures innocents as its preys. It makes an absurdity of marriage when one half of a couple knowingly endangers his/her home to satisfy the carnal enjoyment. Even the so famous 'Play Boy' magazine has commented that its overwhelming majority has opposed 'Infidelity' in 1976.

What is infidelity?
Infidelity is not a clear and defined subject. For a general rule, a person having an affair 'feels a strong sexual attraction to someone other than his/her partner' or 'feels the need to keep the relationship a secret and uses lies and deception to do so' or 'feels emotionally closer to this person other than his/her partner.' quote from

Nevertheless, some businesses encourage dating colleagues to increase productivity and lower drawbacks at work. The media being instructive is also destructive. It is sadly noted that the new electronic media is contributing and facilitating to this anti-social flaw via its online chat sites, sms, newspapers' and magazines' meeting clubs, correspondences, and so on. Other businesses are making profits in regard to this human behaviour e.g. motels, rooms on let, condoms and sexual gadgets companies, etc.

Emotional infidelity compared to physical infidelity inflicts as much , if not more, suffering. Infidelity in any form is always caustic. Unfortunately, infidelity engages both to physical and emotional betrayal. No moral or religious barriers can prevent it from causing destruction.

Infidelity is very frequent nowadays due to the lack of time spent with respective partners and for easy sex. No country is spared from this blight. Consciously, one continues to carry on the weight of adultery even though causing annihilation to their spouses or kids. Due to this mindset, perhaps, marriage is on decrease evading the blemish of infidelity. Brief sexual appetite has become the symbol of independence and modernity, nowadays.